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Laminate Flooring

Durable and super affordable, laminate is half the cost of wood.

In the right space, laminate delivers.

Born in the '70's era of "making it work for less," laminate has come a long way. It still uses engineered wood products to save resources and money. But now, the surface has an extra tough layer of protection to protect it from pet claw scratches and your toddler's Tonka truck. Its fadeproof UV protection won't change color with age. Its core layer is topped by a digitally enhanced photo payer mimicking hardwood. Lots of colors and embossing give it a realistic feel. However, it cannot be refinished, and its natural-born enemy is excess water.

Is Laminate Flooring DIY?

Sort of. Laminate flooring can be installed over sound subfloors. There’s no glue; this floor floats atop its underlayment and connects to adjacent pieces in a snap-and-lock type system. While we support handy DIY’ers, we encourage you to leave the installation to us. Our craftsmen will install your laminate for a beautiful and reliable finish, and ensure that the warranty remains in effect.

We carry the best laminate brands