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When deciding on flooring for a room, you should first decide on the uses for the room so you can pick the most suitable flooring material. In many cases, homeowners use luxury vinyl floors for kitchens, bathrooms, mudrooms, and basements. These vinyl tiles or planks provide benefits such as being waterproof and highly durable. After choosing the vinyl tiles or planks you want with one of our interior designers, the next step is installing them properly. Our installers provide expert installation for beauty and an enduring floor.

For vinyl flooring, the work requires 2 phases of installation:

Step 1 | H&R Carpets & Flooring

Preparing the Old Flooring

Step 2 | H&R Carpets & Flooring

Applying the Vinyl Tiles/Planks

Before Your Scheduled Vinyl Installation

Installing Luxury Vinyl and Mineral Core requires preparation. Your interior designer and installation crew at H&R Carpets & Flooring will have you remove furniture from the room where your new vinyl/mineral core will be. Hiring professional movers and storage experts can be very helpful for this part of the job, especially for heavy items or items requiring special care. A professional moving and storage crew can reduce the time you have to live without your furniture and have your house back to normal quickly.

During Vinyl Installation

An adult member of your household should be present to greet the installation crew and direct us to the work area. You’ll want to keep children and pets from the area to help this process go smoothly. 

If you have existing flooring in the area where the installation will occur, our craftsmen will prepare the surface, removing old flooring, adhesives and other material as needed and recycle or dispose of it.

Your new flooring will be installed by one of our crews of craftsmen. They are experts, and we’re proud of our work. We know you’ll see the difference.