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Getting Into the Woods?

In winter, we think of cozy carpeting. They’re warm in every sense of the word, both visually and underfoot. But our interior design staff is quick to point out another warming flooring solution: hardwood!

Maybe it’s the overload of heavy, dark woodwork from the ’70s. Maybe it’s the fact that here in Wisconsin it rains whenever it isn’t snowing. Either way, dark is dark. But then, we rebelled. We painted every square inch of woodwork and added white carpet. We chose white cabinets in our kitchens. We chose white counters. For ages, we lived in this all-white life. It’s cold, even with carpet. 

Now, we’re seeing other acts of rebellion. We’re seeing pale wood accents in kitchens. We’re seeing soft shades of grey and greige hardwood from front doors into living rooms into kitchens. We’re particularly fond of this Alabaster Walnut look, and Beiged Hickory for a little more color. It’s amazing how these floors warm a space. They breathe life into all of the white, adding a touch of nature where before there was none. And they warm us, too! What is it about wood? Is it the graining, the gentle finishes, the texturing that makes it seem old and soft and timeworn? 

Of course, our interior designers will help you choose the right wood for your home, your family, and your taste. Your new hardwood can be extremely easy to care for, too, with waterproof hardwood from Shaw. And the style options are endless, too, from pine to hickory to cherry! You know the way: into the woods with H&R Carpets & Flooring!

soft grey hardwood flooring